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This program can be used to check a web page for specified differences at regular intervals. For example, you may want to know when an order becomes available on a site or when a site is sold out of an order. The program can also be used to detect when a website goes down or is inaccessible. The program can be used to send an email of any status change either using your local email settings (outlook or windows live mail) or can be used to access your remote client gmail to send the email. This is useful for example, if you leave your pc running to do the check and want it to send an email to your mobile to alert you.

The minimum requirements are a pc or laptop running vista, windows 7 or windows 8. For vista and windows 7 you will also need the Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 installed which can be obtained as an option through the windows update program.

The Main Screen


URL = Enter the url of the web page you want to check, for example, http://www.yahoo.com

Text = Enter the text if any that you want to detect either appearing on the specified URL or being removed from it. For example, Sold Out if you want to detect when the words Sold Out either appear or are removed.

Check Counter = This is for information only and shows how many times the web page has been checked during the current run.

Email Alert Send = Select if you want to send an email when a change is detected on the web page.

Email Alert Do Not Send = Select if you do not want to send an email when a change is detected.

Email Alert Use Gmail Web Mail = Select if you want to use your gmail account to send the alert message. If you use gmail the sender email server must be set at smtp.gmail.com and your gmail email must be enabled for smtp.

Email Alert Sender Email Address = This is your email address that is used to send the email. For example, if you are using the gmail then this will be something like yourname@gmail.com

Email Alert Send To Address = This is the email address where the alert is sent to.

There are 3 different types of check you can perform which can be selected from the following options at the top of the form:

  1. Contains = Select this option if you want the program to alert you if this text appears on the web page. WARNING be careful as web page coding may mask this and not give you the result you are expecting (see View and Check - below)
  2. Does Not Contain = Select this option if you want the program to alert you if this text is removed from the web page - (see View and Check - below)
  3. Any Difference = Select this if you want to be alerted when any change is made to the web page. This option is "safer" to use than 1 or 2 above if you are unsure of their usage.
  4. Check Frequency = This allows you to change to frequency of the checks on the web page. The free version is restricted to a set time of one hour.

View = Click this button to view the page coding of the web page. You can look at this and decide what you need to enter when selecting option 1 or 2 above. It is also a good check to make sure you have not mistyped the URL and that the page is available web.

Check = Click this button to check the web page for the Text you have entered. The check will state if the TEXT is located on the web page or not. If found it is highlighted in red. For example, if you are testing to see if some text disappears from the web page you must make sure that it is detected on the web page first.

Run = Click this button to start the run.

Stop = Click this button to stop the run.

View Log = Click this button to view the log file

Delete Log = Click this button to delete the current log file -  a new log will be created when the next run is made.

Help = Click this button to view this web page

Exit = Click this button to close the program.

There are 2 pictures on the program:

  1. Traffic lights - this is used to display the check status - Amber (no run underway or check not yet made), Red (Checked but no change detected), Green (requested change detected)
  2. Mail - this is used to display if an email has been sent successfully or not. Green tick email sent - red cross email failed to be sent.

Other Features and Notes

In addition to the other notifications an audible sound is made on detection.

Most of the entries you add to the form are saved on exit.

If you use a password you are asked if you want to save it. It is not recommended to save the password if your pc or laptop can be accessed by other users.

Usage of the program is "light" on websites as only the site text is retrieved (no images etc), but remember that repeated access to websites can cause those sites problems so the program should be used responsibly. Any liability in the use of this tool rests with the user.

Version History

Version 1.0 Released Nov 26 2012

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